Thematic Outlines

June 24th and June 25th, 2016

Location: Different Locations around Grünau
Panels: Völkerfreundschaft Grünau, Stuttgarter Allee 9, 04209 Leipzig-Grünau

Subsription form:

The symposium at June 24th/25th with speakers from Germany, Austria, France and England is – with Grünau as a local example – is dedicated to various themes such as evaluating from an international comparative angle the potential for development of large-scale residential estates, the aesthetics of the slab as an architectural style, societal and economic valorization assessment and valuation of large-scale housing complexes, as well as the possibilities and limits of artistic agency within a specific architectural environment. Next to academic presentations and discussions, at June 24th with the symposium’s opening there will be opportunity to join tours to visit and explore the outcomes of Werkstatt Grünau (the Workshop in Grünau) together with the artists and residents who were involved. Among others, the speakers will be: Wolfgang Kil (writer and architecture critic, Berlin); Ines Weizman (Assistant Professor for Architectural Theory, Bauhaus University, Weimar); Simone Hain (Professor of Urban and Architectural History, Graz University); Annie Fourcaut (Professor of Contemporary History, L’Université Paris 1); Dieter Hassenpflug (Professor, Duisburg-Essen University/ Bauhaus University Weimar); Stefan Rettich (Professor for Urban Development, Kassel University, KARO* architekten); David Crowley (Curator, Professor for Critical Writing, Royal College of Art, London) and Patrick Primavesi (Professor for Theater Studies, Leipzig University).

The interdisciplinary symposium will bring architects, urbanists, artists and residents of Grünau together.