Artists working in Grünau

From beginning of May, five artists and artist groups are going to live and work for one and a half months in the so called Werkstatt Grünau (Workshop Grünau) to involve local residents in the realization of their projects. Bruit du Frigo (FR), a group of artists from France, is known for their temporary constructions, which are specifically designed and built for each particular place they visit. In the context of RASTER : BETON they are going to construct a mobile mini cinema employing the principle of the camera obscura so that viewers in pairs are going to experience a real-time cinematic projection which offers a new perspective upon apparently well-known places. The Berlin based architecture group zukunftsgeräusche (DE) observed life in Chinese large housing estates and probe the question whether here, too, dancing in public spaces can be a possible form of expression. Together with residents from Grünau, German artist Folke Köbberling (DE) is going to create a contemporary interpretation of the slab’s front aesthetic using elements from oriental ornamental art and working with wax. Whereas Julischka Stengele (DE) invites Grünau’s residents for performative walks through the district to deal with the question of which places in their home district could be considered sights to be seen and visited by tourists. Between slab and the Allee-Center Daniel Theiler (DE) is going to set up the “Grünau Golf Ressort”, a golf club exclusively created for local residents; this project will be associated to his research about golf sports in the GDR.

Jury: Sarah Linke (Amt für Kultur, Denkmalpflege und Museen in Rostock, verantwortlich für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Stipendien), Harald Kirschner, Fotograf (in Grünau lebend seit 1981), Juliane Richter und Hannah Sieben (Projektleitung RASTER : BETON) und Ronja Kary (Mitarbeiterin von RASTER : BETON)