Lecture at D21

Havana is a wonderful city… and there are also many concrete residential blocks (matches’ boxes) all over the area. This #presentation will try and provide a quick glimpse of a process that started as an answer to a basic necessity such as people’s housing. Eventually this has evolved into a unique cultural (or “un-cultural”) process as well; and now, it is also part of the city, even though it hasn’t been acknowledged by its residents yet.

About the speaker:
Carlos Rodriguez Estévez is an #architect and film-producer working in Havana, #Cuba. In 2007 he graduatet at the CUJAE School of Architecture. From 2007 until 2013, he worked for the main architecture office of Cuban Construction Ministry; where his projects included the #restoration of the Theater School at the Instituto Superior de Arte (featured in the movie Unfinished Spaces) with Roberto Gottardi. Carlos is a co-founder of Streetlight, a collective of urban planners and film-makers founded in 2010. Since early 2014, he has been working in the department for the renovation of public spaces of the Office of the Historian of the #City. From the same year Carlos is also involved in a private practice that addresses the effects of the new changes that are happening in Cuba on the architecture; his projects here include the restoration of the La Guarida in Centro Habana.